On Prompted Writing and Impending Doom

I am the worst procrastinator I know.  Well, almost.  The Boyfriend rivals me sometimes.  This weekend, one of two before finals start next week, we did *everything* we could except for study.  We did work in the garage.  I did a ton of laundry and swapped my drab fall and winter cardigans for spring and summer’s candy colored ones.  We shopped for new appliances (seriously, our new washer and dryer will text me when our cycle is done…).  The Boyfriend took down some trees in the yard and fixed the roof.  We saw friends.  We cooked every meal at the house and didn’t eat out once.  I even made two dinners on Sunday.  Unintentionally.  I had roasted some chicken, following a recipe because chicken scares me.  I reduced the cooking time considerably because our chicken was small…  Apparently, I didn’t reduce it enough because after it rested for the ten minutes the recipe suggested, I could have dribbled it like a basketball.  Knives were no match for the rubbery ridiculousness that I had attempted for dinner.  Ugh.  

So – with the last two days of class upon us, I am further procrastinating by typing up a blog post.  Because why not?  (Not the fact I am terrified of my Wills final, surely not that…)  

I saw a daily prompt the other day (the Daily Post is a great resource for those of us who sometimes don’t feel creative enough to peck something out on the keyboard), (S)he’s So Fine, that I’ve been mentally responding to in my head ever since.  Of course, now that I’m doing it, my words don’t seem big or important enough.  What is it that drew me to The Boyfriend when we first met?  We met in 2010, after I had moved to New York and he was in the midst of his divorce.  We met through a group of car enthusiasts.  We knew each other for nearly a year when in the summer of 2011, I spent the day with his roommate at a car show.  The Boyfriend and The Minions were there and I spent a lot of the day walking around with them and holding Minion 2’s hand (as I mentioned in my last post – he and I have been close from the beginning).  A couple of weeks later, we spent the day on the beach, talking and laughing.  There was something about the way he opened up to me on the beach, talking about his family and his life, I knew he was something special.  It came out of nowhere – I hadn’t expected it.  I haven’t stopped thinking about him from that moment on.  He’s an amazing dad, a wonderful partner, and just all around the most amazing person I know.  He is strong, funny, and just a non-stop bundle of energy.  There is nothing he can’t do.  He fixes cars, fells trees, kicks ass in law school, makes a mean baked pasta, and is raising two of the most awesome Minions I know.  We had a really rough April (seriously glad the month is almost over) and I don’t know how I would have survived it without him.  



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