On Old Standards

Last night, after a productive weekend of errands, housework, car stuff, and painting, The Boyfriend and I joined friends out for cocktails at a new-to-us lounge. They had an extensive menu, filled with variations of martini, divided by primary spirit. After a quick perusal, I wrote off the bulk of the menu. Sure, they had interesting ingredients, but so many of them sounded syrupy and too sweet. I zeroed in on whiskeys while The Boyfriend chose a gin cocktail that I would have usually loved (Hendricks gin, cucumber, citrus), but proved to be practically candied. I picked a sazerac, an old-timey New Orleans whiskey cocktail, usually made with rye, and was not disappointed.

1 sugar cube
1.5 ounces whiskey or rye
2 dashes Peychauds bitters
Dash of Angostura bitters
Dash of absinthe (you can use Pernod or Chartreuse)
Twist of lemon peel

Chill an Old Fashioned glass. In a second glass, moisten the sugar cube and crush it. Add the whiskey, bitters, and a few cubes of ice and stir. In the first, chilled glass, pour in the absinthe and roll the glass to coat the sides. Pour out any excess. Strain the whiskey mixture into this glass. Twist and squeeze the lemon peel over the glass, rub the rim with the peel, and discard.

I partially painted the study. It looks so bright and cheerful already and I can’t wait to finish it. But first, there are papers to write and homework to be done. Alas.



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